From Bloggers to Brands: The Evolution of the Influencer

Over the past decade, we’ve witnessed a seismic shift in the landscape of social media, and the role of ‘The Influencer’ has been at the centre. The term ‘influencer’ has evolved from a novel concept to a professional identity, integral

CES 2023 Logo

CES 2023: The Weird and the Wonderful

Last weekend 2023 kicked off with the most influential tech event of the year, The Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The annual four day conference provides a global stage for brands to showcase their latest innovations and technological advancements across a

Lenovo Logo

Case Study: Going Viral on TikTok – Lenovo

“But can you make us go viral?” One of the biggest things everyone wants from any social platform is to “go viral”. For those who still think going viral has something to do with infectious diseases, social media virality and

The Power of TikTok: Elden Ring x WePC Gaming

It all started as a gentle hum back in 2019. As anticipation and hype grew, what started as a whisper turned into echoing booms chanting from everywhere around the world…”Elden Ring, Elden Ring, Elden Ring, ELDEN RING!” Elden Ring officially


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