CES 2023: The Weird and the Wonderful

Last weekend 2023 kicked off with the most influential tech event of the year, The Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The annual four day conference provides a global stage for brands to showcase their latest innovations and technological advancements across a range of consumer tech. With some huge announcements and reveals at this year’s event, we take a look at what some of the biggest brands showcased this year.

LG – Wireless OLED TVs

LG has come into CES all guns blazing this year with the announcement of the world’s first wireless OLED TV. Say goodbye to unsightly cables or complex cable management for your wall-mounted TV!

The Signature M3 OLED comes in at a whopping 97”, with a 4K 120hz display – perfect for next-gen console gaming. The TV connects to a wireless receiver box that houses all the usual input connectors, with a wireless range of up to 30 feet. We’re yet to see any details on pricing or release date but we can’t wait to see these out in the wild.

Sony – ‘Project Leonardo’

With the aim of making gaming more accessible, Sony have announced their first adaptive controller. ‘Project Leonardo’ is Sony’s first controller that is designed for those with limited motor control and a great step in the right direction for gaming accessibility on the PS5.

The controller is based on a circular layout and features swappable, custom mapped buttons. This allows the user to save their own custom profiles depending on the game they’re playing and the different gameplay requirements. Project Leonardo can be used independently or alongside the dualsense controller on PS5, allowing for a fully customised gameplay experience. This is a great new development from Sony and opens up next-gen gaming to much wider audiences.

Nvidia RTX 4070 Laptops

Nvidia have announced their new RTX 4070 laptops, due to hit the market in February. These are some of the worlds fastest ever laptops and run up to 3x more efficiently than the previous generation flagship laptops.

This will allow gamers to play at a previously inconceivable level of speed and complete creative workloads in a fraction of the time. Nvidia even claims that the RTX 4070 laptop’s performance is optimised to compete with levels seen from the 3080 Ti but with a third of the power consumption (meaning a huge improvement in battery life). So far we’ve seen models announced from MSI, Razer and ASUS, with many more showcasing their line of next-gen laptops.

Acer Aspire S Series

Also debuted was the new Aspire S Series by Acer; an all-in-one PC that’s designed for substance and style. The PC is packed into an aluminium chassis, directly competing with Apple on the design aesthetic and functionality. The display comes in 27 or 32 inch sizes and is unbelievably thin on the side profile.
Both models utilise Intel 12th and 13th gen CPUs, offering superior performance for the pro-sumer market. As well as what’s under the hood, both models also come equipped with a finger-print reader and built-in webcam.

The Weird and the Wonderful

There were many other bizarre products exhibited at CES, such as a device that measures biometrics in your urine. The Withings U-Scan device sits inside your toilet and has interchangeable cartridges that measure things like pH levels and keto balance based on your ablutions…

For those that work remotely and have fitness in mind, Acer’s new smart bike desk could be tempting. This intriguing product charges your smartphone and laptop by pedalling, allowing you to work AND work-out at the same time.

A number of other car brands also showcased concept cars at CES, with one being the BMW iX Flow – the world’s first colour changing vehicle. The iX Flow is wrapped in a kind of ‘digital paper’ that can be changed at the click of a button. The iX Flow is currently still a prototype, but we could definitely see these on the road sporting the AGMR colours!

With an exciting year ahead for the world of gaming and tech, we can’t wait to see what other exciting releases we see across the year. With a network of digital media publications spanning gaming, tech and entertainment sectors, we’re constantly at the forefront of the latest industry developments. We’ll be regularly showcasing some of the best new innovations from our clients and the wider industry throughout the year…watch this space!



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