Meet the Team: Paul McNulty (Head of Video)

As part of our meet the team series we lift the lid on the talent behind AgencyGMR and find out a little bit more about them. We sat down with our Head of Video, Paul McNulty, and asked him what’s his favourite thing about working for AgencyGMR, his favourite campaigns, and his predictions for video content in 2022.

What does your role involve within AgencyGMR?

As Head of Video I oversee and direct all video and photography content for AgencyGMR. It’s a very varied role – my team creates videos for a network of channels across TikTok and YouTube as well as branded and commercial content. We deliver a full funnel solution for our clients and hit on every touch point for their customers, including brand or product awareness, purchase consideration, conversion, and finally continuation. We deliver this through a mix of long form and short form content depending on where the video is distributed, but the most exciting type of content we’ve been working on recently is video ecommerce where customers can buy directly through the platform. My role involves a lot of creativity in front of the camera, and I have a great team of people helping me to deliver this. The role also involves a lot of crunching data to see where the opportunities are and how to best leverage them for our clients. 

What do you enjoy most about your role?

There’s 2 parts of my role that I really enjoy. Firstly, helping the team to develop and grow our network of TikTok and YouTube channels. Being able to support young people in, for most of them, their first job in the creative industry and help them successfully grow their channels and also grow as people is very rewarding. Secondly, I really enjoy directing larger branded content campaigns. The entire process of understanding the brand, the message they want to deliver and then finding a way to effectively deliver that message really excites me. I’m very passionate about tech and gaming so being able to work with tech brands directly is amazing.

What’s your favourite campaign you’ve worked on?

The Secretlab campaign for the launch of the Titan Evo 2022 was a lot of fun. I sit on a Secretlab chair everyday so I’m probably slightly biassed but being able to create content for a product that you already have a high opinion of is really rewarding. We created a mix of explainer, review and platform optimised videos to highlight the product USPs and new changes to this year’s model, resulting in over 1 million views. 

Where do you see the biggest opportunity for brands in 2022?

Video ecommerce is absolutely the biggest opportunity for brands in 2022 and beyond. At the moment the video ecommerce experience is so new but growing with new customers in multiple market categories. It’s the perfect mix, using the most powerful communication tool available to us on the internet with powerful ecommerce tools to give the audience the best buying experience. Imagine making a PC build video for your audience but instead of them having to search multiple websites for parts to build the same PC at home, they can buy while watching and see exactly what they are getting and how to install it. It takes away a huge barrier to purchase and gives your customers a much better shopping experience. Now imagine doing the same thing during a live stream video and being able to answer questions and address concerns live and in the moment…

Who would be your dream brand to work with?

Nintendo, definitely Nintendo. I remember getting a Nintendo Gameboy on my 6th birthday in 1989 and being completely engrossed in Tetris and Mario. My friend from school also had the original Nintendo NES and we would play Duck Hunt, Castlevania, and Mega Man constantly. I’ve loved gaming ever since this first introduction on these platforms and I’ve had at least 1 console of every generation since. Nintendo has some of the most iconic characters and titles – Nintendo started it all and I love them for it.

What’s your current go-to game?

Hide and seek. I have 2 daughters under the age of 4. But when I’m not being a Dad you can usually find me playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2 on my Xbox or Assassins Creed on my PC.

You’re stuck on a desert island and can only bring three things – what three things are you bringing?

Hunting knife, potatoes, water desalination machine. Just call me Bear Grylls!

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