The Power of TikTok: Elden Ring x WePC Gaming

It all started as a gentle hum back in 2019. As anticipation and hype grew, what started as a whisper turned into echoing booms chanting from everywhere around the world…”Elden Ring, Elden Ring, Elden Ring, ELDEN RING!”

Elden Ring officially released just under a month ago and the reaction has been incredible. The review scores reflect this with a raft of five star reviews and 10/10 scores. At the time of writing this blog, Elden Ring is currently the highest rated game of the year on Metacritic with a very healthy score of 96.

With a game so highly anticipated (and one we were all itching to play) it was no surprise that we went all out on WePC and WePC Gaming’s TikTok.

WePC x Elden Ring

Across our editorial content, we covered everything in the run-up to the game including any exciting news and updates prior to launch. Once the game launched, we created a full Elden Ring hub to cover everything including our review, playthrough guides, features and tips to get the most out of the game. All of the created content was influenced by trending search terms and through identifying key content opportunities to provide answers to gamers most sought-after queries (it ain’t easy finding all those runes!).

Similar to our editorial content, all content across our TikTok channel was carefully researched based on trending search terms to identify what users wanted to see more of. The content across TikTok focussed heavily on answering key questions in quick and easy to consume content snippets. By optimising these for the platform we were able to create a suite of highly engaging assets to tap into the secret sauce of the algorithm and give them the highest chance of ranking across the For You page.

@wepcgaming Reply to @tiktoktech202 HOW TO GET 80,000 runes in 5 minutes in Elden Rings! #eldenring #eldenringhype #gamingsetup #nogamenolife #gaming ♬ original sound – Jacob Sutherland

Maidenless? I doubt it with results like this…

By combining strategic content planning with a cultural moment like the launch of Elden Ring, we were able to time our content to deliver maximum results and engagement across web and TikTok activity. As a result of capitalising on the Elden Ring hype we were able to achieve…

  • Over 25 million video views on TikTok (with the best performing post receiving over 5 million views – our best performing post EVER!)
  • Over 550K views across our web content
  • Average time on page of 05:40 (with the best performing pages receiving over 8 minute session durations)
  • Over 80K new followers on TikTok from Elden Ring content

With numbers like these it’s easy to see the power of TikTok as a platform and the ease in which content can be seen by millions in a matter of minutes. Feeding in trending data also helps guide content creation, giving you an easy solution to capitalise on all content platforms and provide relevant information and content for your audiences.

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