We’re on a mission to change the way creative, content and strategy align to deliver game-changing campaigns and brand experiences.

Like all missions, ours isn’t an easy one, but we’ve got the sector insight and creative expertise to create memorable campaigns that resonate with gamers and tech-heads.

With experience growing and managing our own digital communities around WePC, VideoGamer and PC Guide, we’re no strangers to creating best-in-class content for global audiences.



Creativity is king when it comes to creating content. We are constantly testing new creative ways to cut through the noise and engage audiences through our own digital channels.. Whether it’s short-form content or your own documentary series, we can tailor a creative campaign to showcase your brand on the global stage.

01  GraphicDesign

We have a team of designers that create stunning visual graphics to suit multiple placements. From social media assets to detailed infographics, we create visual media that clearly showcases the campaign idea and message. Attention is a precious commodity and we know how to grab it.

02  Videography

Our dedicated studio’s are fully equipped to deliver creative video content that gets people talking and sharing. Our proven track record has allowed us to forge our official partnership with TikTok and become experts in short-form content creation. With our own in-house studio space, we’re fully equipped to deliver striking video content from epic brand films to eye-catching social assets.

03  Photography

We have a dedicated in-house photography team and studio on hand to create stylised photography for use across product packaging, social media, web and print assets. Our studio spaces are fully customisable to create high-quality product and lifestyle content (with plenty of RGB!)


Once we have the strategy and creative in place, we have dedicated teams that turn those ideas into reality. In addition to video production, we also have teams that create scroll-stopping editorial, branded and social media content. With a focus on cross department working, we aim to deliver high-impact campaigns that drive results.

01  SocialMedia

With a full end-to-end social media service offering, we apply the same level of detail we use on our owned channels to create stunning social content. We have the team in place to help scale and grow your channel content, however ambitious your aims are. Whether it’s trending TikToks or Instagram essentials, we can support your existing teams with multi-channel distribution and delivery.

02  EditorialContent

Struggling to find the time to refresh your existing blog content? Need a hand getting your content to rank for those elusive search terms? With a strong background in editorial content production, we can provide full editorial content solutions to help you create authentic, engaging and keyword-researched content. We know how to get content to rank and traffic in a meaningful way for your audiences.

We have a team of editorial writers who know all things about tech and gaming. We can also provide the added benefit of leveraging our own network, where we can distribute to a highly engaged and targeted audience.

03  Advertising

We have over 3 million monthly gaming and tech enthusiasts coming to our various digital publications. We drive a significant amount of users via search and therefore understand their intent. We understand what the user is wanting and this means we can offer unparalleled targeting based on your objectives. We offer the standard ad placements but we also have a suite of custom offerings that will match your objectives and creative. 

We also have expertise to reach audiences outside our ecosystem and have the unique advantage of using first party retargeting and look-a-like audience data to ensure you get the best ROI.

04  BrandedContent

Spanning across the full-service offering, our original content campaigns combine all of our agency services to create a fully themed and rounded brand campaign. We can create highly engaging brand advertorials, video, infographics, photography and video that is fully customised to your brand and campaign. We then tie in our advertising services to ensure that the target audience sees it. Identifying core themes and ideas we can produce full-funnel campaigns across video, social and web to create unparalleled branded experiences.


We dig down into the nuts and bolts of every campaign we work on to find out the core aims and objectives. Through sector research and insight from our own thriving digital publications and  platforms, we use this to create rounded approaches to marketing strategy.

01  Data&Insight

We are a data driven business and our digital publications have thrived through data and audience insight. Every campaign we create is based on research into trends, audience profiles, demographics, and buying behaviour data points to identify the best campaign approach to resonate with audiences at each stage of the buying journey.

02  BrandCampaigns

Whether it’s a big or small campaign, we can provide strategic plans to help guide campaign activity across multiple platforms and placements. We have a team of seasoned experts that use the data and insights, along with our own experience in digital publication, to formulate campaigns that meet your objective and deliver tangible results.

03  SocialMedia

We all know consumers expect brands to be social. With experience of building and growing highly engaged social channels within our own digital publications, we can support your social media efforts across platforms to scale and grow. As an official TikTok partner we are able to scale and realise return on investment far faster than starting out on your own. We manage the full end-to-end process from initial strategy, to creative content execution and community management.

04  CommunityManagement

Building an engaged community is no easy feat. Whether that’s building a fan-base on TikTok or getting repeat visitors to your blogs and guides, we can help to support, nurture and grow these communities.

05  Marketing

We have industry veterans that have created multi-million-pound brand campaigns that have spanned across traditional and digital channels. Our team also has deep experience in e-commerce and therefore know how to create marketing that sells.



The future is here

AgencyGMR and the BGFG Group are official TikTok platform partners. Through strategic relationships and the success of our owned channels, we have seen the power of TikTok to engage audiences across the buying funnel and the potential viral reach of the platform.

The platform continues to grow at phenomenal pace. Live video and on-demand video ecommerce is set to scale on the platform to become one of the most convenient and trusted way to shop online in one easy cycle. From educating the consumer through to purchase consideration, video ecommerce is set to change traditional consumer buying habits in a big way.


Video Commerce in China to reach
$ 0 B
in GMV in 2022
(Mckinsey, July 2021)
0 M
Global monthly active users on TikTok
0 mins
Average time spent in-app every single day
0 %
of users made an unplanned purchase because of TikTok
0 %
of users discovered a new brand through TikTok


Video Commerce and Live Services

With our own in-house studio spaces, we can support all aspects of video commerce and live streaming. From sourcing talent to supporting live operations, we can provide a full-service offering for going live on TikTok and start selling your products to highly-engaged audiences.

Ecommerce Platform Onboarding and Support

Through our strategic platform partnerships with TikTok and Bytedance, we can provide full sport with the onboarding process on to the TikTok Ecommerce Platform. Whether you’re a third-party retailer or directly selling from your own inventory, we can help with the logistics and project management for onboarding your inventory, ready for creators to start streaming and creating with.

Content Creation

Our creative content experts will work with your teams to deliver striking content that taps into sector insights, industry news and platform trends. We have proven experience in creating videos that engage and sell, across individual campaigns and through an ongoing content series. We can create engaging content that resonates with your target audiences and provides commercial success.

Strategy and Channel Management

Using the expertise of our team and the insight gained from growing and scaling commercially viable TikTok channels, we can provide full strategic services to help guide your TikTok activity and focus your efforts.

Coupling this with our creative content capabilities, our in-house team can create, optimise and schedule all of your TikTok marketing activity. As part of the channel management service we can also interact and engage with your audience to help foster communities around your channel.

Paid Advertising and Media Buying

From always on paid ads support to campaign-based activations, we will manage your paid marketing activities across TikTok. 

Whether you’re looking to drive brand awareness or increase sales, we will manage  your paid campaigns to suit any brief and objective. 

We will provide full end-to-end support in addition to developing strategic plans that deliver your marketing and commercial objectives.



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